West Michigan Partnership for Children (WMPC) sought the expertise of J.K. Elder & Associates (JKE&A) as we developed performance-based contracts for our subcontracted private child welfare agencies. JKE&A brought a depth of expertise in developing performance benchmarks that allowed for strategic focus on key practice areas that led to improved child-level outcomes. Our satisfaction with the engagement led us to partner with JKE&A a year later as we worked towards accreditation by COA. JKE&A’s expert team led us through the development of policies and procedures that met best practice standards and coaching us on what to expect during the accreditation process. The result was our two-year-old agency achieved accreditation!

Kristyn Peck, CEO​

West Michigan Partnership for Children

Grand Rapids, MI


JKE&A is one of the most competent and results oriented organizations I have ever worked with. The history of success with a wide range of organizations is impressive and their work is deep and incredibly thorough when they do a project or capacity assessment. They identify an organizations strengths, challenges, and a pathway to maximize opportunities. When the work goes from theory to practical their experience is evident. In my view, this is the competitive advantage they bring to any assignment. JKE&A’s expertise is expansive from all levels of program development, implementation, management, and organizational assessment. They insist that the organization stays on track to meet deadlines and they invest time and effort to truly know the organization and their objectives. I especially appreciate that JKE&A does not shy away from the hard discussions that are necessary to ensure an organization is doing its best. When you partner with JKE&A the best is what you are getting.

Susan Soonkeum Cox, Vice President Policy & External Affairs

Holt International Children’s Services

Eugene, OR


JK Elder & Associates has decades of experience working with organizations engaged in System of Care and Community-Based Care implementation. They excel at assisting child care professionals and leaders to navigate transformation during difficult times.

Judge John Specia, Retired Texas DFPS Commissioner, Senior District Judge

San Antonio, TX


It is always a delight to work with the J.K. Elder team of experienced and knowledgeable grant writers and evaluators. The effort they put into each project gives you the confidence that they are working with you and for you and the results are very telling. In the number of years that we have had the privilege of working with this team, their work has been most impressive. They are well grounded professionals with broad expertise and strong ethics who take ideas and are able to bring this to life in projects to assure successful outcomes. J.K. Elder is forward thinking, detailed oriented and passionate about the work they do, always seeking win-win results.

Nonyem Drayton, Georgia Executive Director and SE Regional Director

Bethany Christian Services

Atlanta, GA


JKE&A takes a professional approach to understanding the needs of today’s health and human service organization, including what software tools and data management approaches help support staff to operate more efficiently while providing access to meaningful data for operational efficiencies and program outcomes. Furthermore, their vast familiarity with federal CCWIS and FFPSA policies provide sound strategic advice to their clients.

Liz VanAcker, CEO

Five Points Technology

Sarasota, FL


We had a wonderful experience working with JK Elder & Associates this past year on a proposal development project. I am extremely grateful for the support and dedication of Beth, Gail, Jean, and the entire team at JKE&A. They were responsive, collaborative, flexible, and extremely easy to work with throughout the process. I was consistently impressed with the quick turn-around and the quality of work. The feedback we received was incredibly detailed and instrumental to the success of our project. JKE&A’s expertise in child welfare and children’s programming was evident and I would absolutely work with them again!

Katie Kuennen, Director of Children’s Services

Office of Migration and Refugee Services, US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Washington, DC


We found JKE&A to be professional and flexible in all their communications and collaboration with Bethany. The JKE&A Team had funder-specific knowledge that informed our service model, technical writing, and templating. JKE&A was able to assist us in finding local partners who could inform and strengthen our application.

Dona Abbott, Senior Vice President

Global, Refugee and Immigrant Services, Bethany Christian Services

Grand Rapids, MI

I have worked with J K Elder & Associates, Inc. for a number of years. I have always been quite impressed with how professional and knowledgeable they have been. They are very responsive and the quality of their work is top notch. I highly recommend them.

Aaron Larson, Director of Programs

The Dibble Institute

Berkeley, CA


JKE&A were true partners throughout the entire federal grant proposal process. They managed the entire thing from framing our response to submitting the application. They had a deep understanding and appreciation of the world of child welfare.

Noreen M. Bigelow, Director

Adoption Learning Partners at The Cradle

Evanston, IL



JKE&A clearly understands the challenges and opportunities in child welfare. They are a great resource dedicated to helping child-serving organizations increase their impact on the children and families we serve.

Jenifer Jarriel, President/CEO

DePelchin Children’s Services

Houston, TX


I recommend JKE&A to any agency committed to providing the highest quality of care and services.

Scott Lundy, President/CEO

Arrow Child and Family Ministries

Spring, TX


JKE&A’s team of professionals have diverse knowledge and experience. They help agencies achieve success and realize their vision.

Dr. Wayne Carson, President/CEO

ACH Child and Family Services

Ft. Worth, TX

JKE&A is a trustworthy experienced team with a commitment to results and excellence.

Annette Rodriguez, President/CEO

The Children’s Shelter

San Antonio, TX